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Benefits of 3PL Shipping Solutions

Getting your items to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible is crucial, but can be complicated and costly. One of the best ways to minimize costs and maximize convenience is to work with a third-party logistics provider. A 3PL can make shipping efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. By creating operational strategies that reduce empty miles, a 3PL can help you avoid wasting fuel or labor.

Line of Trucks

Cost & Convenience

Outsourcing your freight and shipping operations to a 3PL can save you a significant amount of money. Especially for smaller companies, working with a 3PL is easier and more cost-effective than creating an internal shipping department. A shipping department requires numerous employees to load freight, drive the trucks, dispatch personnel, and manage shipping operations. Owning your own trucks, with require regular maintenance, repairs and fuel prices, can add to the headache of assembling a fleet.

3PL can eliminate or reduce these concerns, freeing up your staff and capital to focus on your business. When you work with Redwood Logistics, you’re outsourcing your shipping to world-class experts. You won’t have to worry about problems like driver shortages, fuel costs, and vehicle maintenance – we’ve got you covered.

Eliminating Empty Miles

Empty miles translate into fuel and labor costs, but since no items are being shipped, no revenue is being generated. In the United Kingdom, a whopping 25% of backhauls are empty. This extra expense can make a major dent in your bottom line. Redwood Logistics matches your freight to with a dedicated private fleet, giving you the reliability and consistency of owning your own trucks with the ease of outsourcing your shipping.

Lean & Green

Shipping products, whether by truck, by ship, or by train, requires the burning of fossil fuels. With the huge increase in worldwide shipping over the last couple of decades, carbon emissions have become a growing concern. Consolidating LTL shipments and avoiding emptying miles can result in fewer carbon emissions. Working with a 3PL company can help you reduce your company’s carbon footprint, which could result in lower fines or taxes in some areas.