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How to Deal with Problem Loads

What is a problem load, exactly? Put yourself in this scenario.

It's 4:00 PM on a Friday. You're about to pack up and go home when you hear the phone ring. You answer, and it's a call telling you that you've got a whole truckload of product that needs to ship NOW. Your usual for-hire company can't take it - they don't have a truck in your area. What do you do? You’re stuck with a problem load. If you don't have a 3PL that you work with, the usual solution is to call multiple for-hire carriers over the course of several hours in a frantic search for someone to take the load. You might work well past dinner and into the night. Worst of all, when you do find someone who can carry the load for you, you're going to have to pay a high premium. Carriers profit off of problem loads mostly due to being your last resort. But are high priced carriers really your "last resort" for problem loads?

How to Deal with Problem Lanes

Not if you work with a 3PL. Brokers have access to thousands of carriers in their network. All of the legwork in taking care of a problem load is done for you. Specialists work with your limited amount of time to find the most competitive rates in their network, saving you untold amounts of money. There's no "last resort" carrier because 3PLs have access to many carriers in your area at all times, even when demand is high. They can leverage shipping resources that you would have no way of accessing without them.

For example, many shippers don't know that, according to the National Private Truck Council, nearly two-thirds of all private fleets have for-hire operating authority. Why would a private fleet carry your load? Private fleets are an asset to the company that owns them. They can get a return on their investment by working with a 3PL to fill their backhauls with paid freight. Without the broker and their network of shippers (including you) that same truck would be returning home empty. It's a win for everyone - including the environment. And that's just one example of the advantages a 3PL can provide when dealing with problem loads.

Redwood has one of the best data-driven carrier networks in the industry. We built our proprietary TMS, LoadRunner®, to make it easier to find the perfect carrier instantaneously. Our lane matching algorithms take into account our internal carrier scorecard, the probability of the carrier accepting the load, and multiple sources of market driven cost data.

Our experts take care of problem loads every day. If you have a load that’s been giving you trouble, let us take a crack at it. No more problem load headaches - just let us do all the work and we'll get you home in time for dinner.