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Freight Shipping: 5 Ways Brokers Can Deliver an Asset-Based Experience

In freight shipping, it’s a common belief that freight brokers can’t match the continuity and dependability of dedicated contract carriage. Because of this misconception, many shippers will only use brokers for unplanned shipments and problem lanes and use carrier partners for the majority of their freight shipping needs.

A small group of technology-driven freight brokers are changing this perception. These brokers are able to offer the flexible, on-demand capacity you’d expect from a broker, but with the reliability of an asset-based solution. They do this by tapping into private fleet capacity, as well as the backhaul needs of small, asset-based carriers. By loading these carrier networks into sophisticated freight matching software, sophisticated brokers can match your loads with available backhaul capacity to create a more efficient freight network for both shippers and carriers.

Freight shipping is easier with brokers

5 Ways Brokers Can Give You an Asset-Based Freight Shipping Experience

Here are 5 ways that the right broker partner can give you an asset-based shipping experience at a great price:

1. Quality and Consistency

By capturing the backhaul on regular outbound routes, you get driver consistency. With private fleet operators in particular, you get a higher quality of driver.

2. Reliable Capacity

Carriers and private fleets love consistent backhaul partners, so brokers that bring them this freight inspire loyalty. Among private fleets there is little incentive to chase lucrative spot freight during tight-capacity seasons. In addition, your for-hire carriers may try to renegotiate their contract or abandon your freight if more profitable runs are available.

3. Flexibility to Request Drop Trailers

Because these brokers match the headhaul and backhaul legs of regular routes, shippers have the flexibility to drop the trailer, rather than have drivers wait hours to load and unload. This maximizes utilization in freight shipping at a time when hours of service are carefully scrutinized.

4. Safety

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data, private fleets are nearly three times as safe as for-hire trucks. Brokers give you access to private fleet drivers who often drive the same routes every week and have become familiar with road conditions.

5. Cost

Brokers can often negotiate a very good rate in exchange for consistent freight. These rates are then passed on the shipper, who may pay only a slight premium in exchange for service that mirrors dedicated capacity.

To learn more about how to leverage brokers for a more asset-based freight shipping solution, contact the Redwood Logistics team today.