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Legitimacy in Pricing: Becoming Confident in Your Rates

The Problem

Some brokers guesstimate costs, use transactional pricing or will lowball a bid in order to try to win your business. But when the loads actually come and the broker can't find a truck at the price he quoted, your load gets rejected and you're stuck trying to source a truck in the spot market - losing time and money in the process...

On the floor at Redwood

The Solution

A top tier broker partner doesn't have to reject or turn away loads for which they are under contract. A broker, such as Redwood, has a huge volume of internal historical cost data thanks to our sophisticated transportation management system (TMS) that can capture and analyze data across thousands of transactions.

Historical cost data is just the beginning. A sophisticated TMS also takes external market data, market fluctuations, and even internal carrier ScoreCarding into its pricing algorithms so that you'll not only be quoted a fair and legitimate market price, but you'll also have access to the most reliable and cost-competitive carrier on every single lane.

In addition to giving you better pricing, a TMS like LoadRunner allows a broker to match your freight with available lanes in real time - you'll know in seconds if there is a match. With thousands of private fleet lanes in the system, a top tier broker never has to use a load board to find capacity. Tapping into private fleets often means tapping into savings by creating a win-win for the carrier and the shipper.

More Benefits

Having an advanced TMS like LoadRunner powering your broker partner is a huge benefit to shippers. A sophisticated TMS reduces operational costs while increasing market opportunity through business analytics and real-time freight matching. You'll have more insight into your freight with customized data reporting.

Carriers loves brokers with an advanced TMS. Redwood's carrier portal offers a variety of features through LoadRunner that keep our carriers informed, on track, and moving loads. By offering the latest techonolgy and providing excellent service, a top tier broker can build long-lasting carrier partnerhsips resulting in better service for you and your customers.

Bid with a Broker

Through your broker partner(s), you can tap into additional capacity and solve for some of your m ore unconventional logistic needs. Plus, you can avoid going to spot market by having a broker to turn to when your asset-based carriers have to turn down a load. And with more than 20 years of experinced and an advanced TMS, Redwood finds the optimal combination of price, service, and reliability to deliver your freight. As you plan for your upcoming bid season, contract us to learn how Redwood can be a key partner in building your carrier network.