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Lower Your Freight Spend with Lane Matching

For shippers, getting the best deal for their freight with a truck that fits their needs is important. What many shippers don’t know is how to find that sweet spot of price and service.

To get the most bang for your buck, it is crucial to find a broker that uses an advanced technology—that’s where lane matching comes into play. Brokers that use lane matching technology can give you instant access to hidden capacity, drivers with backhaul needs, and proper equipment for your freight—all which can save you money on your freight spend.

Lane Matching Can Help You Lower Your Freight Spend

Out-of-the-Box Basics vs. Sophisticated Systems

Without a sophisticated TMS, old-school brokers don’t have the ability to capture the information they need to know if a carrier is a good match for your freight. To find out, they have to call carriers one-by-one to gather the basic information necessary to book a load. And while an out-of-the-box TMS may have many of the basic metrics, they often don’t have the functionality to automatically narrow down a good fit for your shipment.

Happily, there is an alternative to these slow and tedious methods. Modern brokers are finding new ways to capture and use data and analytics. An advanced TMS allows these brokers to use a variety of metrics to instantly compare mileage data, equipment needs, and other important criteria to make sure you’re getting the truck you need at or below fair market price.

Take It to the Next Level

An advanced TMS also allow brokers to take data analysis to the next level. For example, Redwood Logistics developed a lane-matching feature in Loadrunner® that uses an algorithm that considers a variety of different factors to ensure the best matched trucks are being assigned to your freight at the best price. Loadrunner® is also able to capture static lane data for carriers so that you can tap into backhaul capacity if there’s a match between your freight and a carrier who needs to eliminate empty miles. Additionally, Redwood has access to private carriers and other trucks that aren’t listed publicly, giving you options that old-school brokers just can’t offer.