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Why Should You Use a SmartWay Transport Partner?

Strive Logistics is proud to be a SmartWay Transport Partner – you may have seen the SmartWay logo before, but not known what it meant, or how it impacts your business.
SmartWay is a program designed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help reduce transportation-related emissions. Their goal is to make a direct, positive difference in climatic changes. They work with transportation providers to reduce environmental risks that come from transporting goods on a large scale basis.

SmartWay Transport Partner

How a SmartWay Transport Partnership Works

A SmartWay partnership is an agreement developed between various transportation providers and the EPA. SmartWay works to reduce gas emissions by providing tools that can help improve efficiency and environmental impact. The EPA partners with all kinds of providers in the logistics industry, including:

  • Trucking companies of all sizes
  • Rail carriers
  • Retailers
  • Commercial manufacturers
  • Logistics companies
  • A variety of state and federal agencies

SmartWay helps providers more goods across more miles and use less energy and decrease emissions. SmartWay's goal is to make the latest fuel efficient technology available to companies. They also want to develop modern, efficient methods for transporting freight. Partners exchange performance and technology data with SmartWay to help their research. This unique collaboration is beneficial for each provider as well as the environment.

There are four components working together to create the success of SmartWay:

1. The most critical element is SmartWay partners. These freight shippers and carriers agree to track things like fuel consumption and work. They share this information with SmartWay to improve efficiency across the board.

2 .SmartWay tests strategies and technologies to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

3. Another program ranks smaller vehicles and identifies those which are best when it comes to environmental performance.

4 .The program has expanded to include many countries interested in sustainable transportation. By working together, partners can create and maintain affordable and energy efficient transportation options.

Benefits of Being a SmartWay Transport Partner

The cooperation of global SmartWay partners ensures greener options for shipping and freight. Professionals collaborate and share what has and has not worked with one another. This can help increase the use of proven environmentally responsible options. Partners meet at various events and take part in forums which showcase and share achievements. SmartWay offers incentives and recognition for top contributors and performers.

How SmartWay Partnerships Benefit Consumers

Customers and clients benefit from the collaboration of professionals who transport goods. First, they know they are using the most reliable and sustainable transportation options. Also, working with a SmartWay Transportation Partner tells your customers you are environmentally responsible. You are reducing your carbon footprint by reducing emissions. The cooperation and relationship between SmartWay partners saves more than energy and the environment - it also saves money and protects jobs while supporting business interests.

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