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LoadRunner: Why We Built Our Own Transportation Management System

LoadRunner®, as a concept, was born out of a realization that off-the-shelf transportation management systems didn't allow Redwood Logistics to provide unique 3PL solutions to our carrier and customer partners. In 2009, Redwood built a simple application that had a single feature and deployed it to our carrier team. In just a few months our active carrier base grew by thousands, and we realized we could create a real competitive advantage for our customers.

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Over a two-year development period, we fleshed out every feature, figured out the best way to implement each solution, and tested and retested to ensure a smooth launch. In March of 2012, LoadRunner® went live. LoadRunner® put everything our logistics experts needed at their fingertips. It gave them access to tools like truck posting and lane matching that simply weren’t available in other transportation management systems. Since launch, our in-house development team has consistently added new features and improved existing ones. We love finding creative solutions to meet our customer's needs.

The best part about LoadRunner® is that it is designed by people in the transportation industry for people in the transportation industry. Any Redwood employee can submit feature requests or ideas to our development team to make LoadRunner® better. This process lets us address specific customer and carrier needs including integrating with older quoting systems, sending specific kinds of invoices, EDI and API connectivity, and much more.

Today, LoadRunner® has tens of thousands of carriers and hundreds of EDI and API connections. We have visibility into hundreds of thousands of active backhaul trucks on any given day. Our in-house development team not only allows us to develop new functions, but it also allows us the flexibility to get things done fast while making sure they are done right. By having the developers and reps work together, we are able to brainstorm potential issues before they happen. We test each feature at length before having it go live, ensuring that it is the most functional solution possible.

LoadRunner® is growing every day as we work to find creative solutions to maximize efficiency. Making work easier for our reps means our customers get better, faster service and our carriers get freight more quickly.